James Henry Pullen’s Mannequin
Mannequin pullen


James Henry Pullen




User can create intricate wooden carvings


Makes the person unable to speak, causes mood swings




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James Henry Pullen was an autistic savant who could not read or write but could create beautiful carvings out of wood and other materials. At the age of 15, he was taken to the Earlwood Asylum and was given hiss own workshop. He created pieces as revenue for the asylum and received several requests from royalty and the like. While there, he crafted a 10 foot long model of the SS Great Eastern and a mechanical mannequin he would get in and imitate words. Pullen also experienced mood swings, switching between hostile and gloomy. He would wreck his workshop, ignore other’s advice and once made a door hanging guillotine for a staff member, which he mistimed. Even with his outbursts, he was given great leeway such as being allowed to eat with the staff.


The user can change wood and other materials into intricate carvings. They only need to touch the base material and the excess will disappear when they remove their hand, revealing the carving. The mannequin will take away the user’s speech and give them unpredictable mood swings.

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