James Dean's 1950 Porsche 550 Spyder, aka "Little Bastard"


James Dean




The car always wants to be driven, mostly in races, and gives off an aura to make anyone who has “claimed” to be its owner to drive it. If it gets damaged, it repairs itself


If the owner doesn't drive it, or it doesn't like them, then the car either plagues them with the deaths of its previous owners until they die or at least driven insane, or outright kills them.


Must claim oneself to be the owner of the car, and have the keys of the car with them for the car to start bothering them.

Collected by

Mr. Stall


Dark Vault


Podium FS-1

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

James Dean (February 8, 1931-September 30, 1955) was a famous American actor who had his life cut short when he died in a speeding car wreak. Dean once said that he believed he was predestined to die in a speeding car. Dean liked to live on the dangerous, thrill-seeking edge. He loved fast cars and motorcycles and would enter in races in his spare time. After he was done filming what would be his last film, Giant, Dean bought his 1955 Porsche Spyder, puckishly naming it "Little Bastard". Several of his friends allegedly told him that they had weird feelings about the car, expressing feelings of unease and feelings of impending doom. He was on his way to a race in Los Angeles when he crashed head-on into an oncoming car and died instantly with a broken neck and several other injuries. The Curse of the Little Bastard begins right after the crash. Within five years, several people were injured or killed either by the car or when they used parts from the car. The Little Bastard even survived a fire that burned down a garage it was in, barely suffering scorched paint. It disappeared on the open road in 1960 on its way from Florida to California and has not been seen since.

Today[edit | edit source]

"Little Bastard" was always sought after by the Agents but they could never find it due to lack of technology back in the day. So when the information of a man, who was claimed to the town's crazy person who rambled on about death, cars and the famous James Dean, suddenly popped up, Mr. Stall travelled to the area to check it out. After following the man for a few days he managed to find the car in a shed in perfect condition. So after taking the keys from the crazy man, Stall called the Warehouse to get the car.

Agents have noted that, when the Car is neared, the engine revs a little.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored near a back wall in the Dark Vault with specialized neutralizer-infused wheel clamps on each tire.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory for general inspection of the artifact. The keys are kept with the Regents, and Regent authorization is required to move the car. Should the car be required to move, only authorized users are allowed near the car. Store in a special neutralizer tent with the wheel clamps on until it can be placed back into the Vault.

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