James Cook's Mahiole and Feather Cloak
Mahiole and cloak j.cook


James Cook


Feather Hat and Cloak


Astral projection/specialized knowledge related to adventure


Loss of corporeal form/Location related illness/Debilitating sensitivity to touch



Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

December 20, 1842



James Cook was an explorer, navigator and captain for the British Royal Navy. He became captain of the HMS Endeavour after impressing the Admiralty and Royal Society with his detailed surveying of the Saint Lawrence River when he was stationed at Quebec in the Seven Years War. Cook made three separate voyages exploring the Pacific, becoming the first European to discover many islands and have contact their inhabitants. He landed on Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and a multitude of other islands, documenting their geography, bargaining with their peoples and collecting scientific samples.

On Cook’s final voyage, he returned to the Hawaiian Islands after an exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Coincidentally, his appearance occurred at the same time of a major harvest festival, leading the natives to believe he was an incarnation of the god Lono. Cook demanded that his ship be repaired, but the Hawaiians instead stole his launch boat. Enraged by the discourteous treatment, Cook attempted to kidnap King Kalaniʻōpuʻu. However, his intentions were quickly suspected and the villagers killed Cook. This traditional feather woven hat and cloak were given to Cook by the Hawaiians as a gift during his first meeting with them.


Absorbed the legacy of his extensive exploration and the senselessness of his demise. Wearing the helmet allows the user project their consciousness to somewhere remote or uninhabited, allowing them to remotely scout the area. Traveling too far will result in the user being unable to relocate their body and leave them a spectral nomad devoid of physical form.

The cloak gives the user working knowledge of navigation, surveying, medicine and trade but makes them unable to physically stay in one place for too long without falling violently ill. Wearing both neutralizes the downsides but makes the user arrogant until others will attempt to harm them. They will also be physically weaker and soft blows will become painful, sometimes life-threatening.

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