James Colnett's Otter Pelt
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The Nootka Crisis


Otter pelt


Causes conflicts to break out in the immediate area


Otters will attack you if you wear it


Getting wet

Collected by

Warehouse 12



Date of Collection

February 27th, 1841


Origin[edit | edit source]

The Nootka Crisis, or Nootka Incident, was a territorial dispute between Spain and England over the Nootka Sound. James Colnett was the leader of a group of fur traders from Great Britain who helped escalate the tension between the two factions. By sailing in the vicinity of the sound despite the previous claim by Spain, the Spanish explorers had not yet built their fort. His ship and crew were captured for attempting illegal trading.

After years of debate and compromise, Colnett was released to British territory. Later he was allowed to come back to Nootka on the condition that he would not trade with the indigenous people, as Spain had claimed all trade rights to the area. Colnett would later claim his passport was lost at sea. He traded for over 1000 otter pelts from the natives over the span of five months.

Because he did not make it in time to retrieve his ship, the ship would be returned to it's owners in the Philippines. When Colnett heard this he flew into a rage and attempted to capture the ship by force. It was only due to a sailor named John Kendrick Jr. calming Colnett down. Colnett would then regain the ship.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the pelt becomes wet it will make conflicts break out between people in the immediate area. Wearing will result in otters attacking you.

Collection[edit | edit source]

One of the many pelts that Colnett would later sell to British citizens. It is unknown if the other pelts were affected as well. So far only one has been recovered.

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