"Grief and Pain"
Jimmy Art 0314


James Buzzanell




Staring into painting causes victim to experience immense grief of a loved one as if they died


Leads to constant depression, anger and finally suicide


Staring too long

Collected by

Felix Draco and Megan Wilcoxson


Art Gallery

Date of Collection

January 9, 2016



This painting, done in colored pencil, was made by a young high school artist named James (Jimmy) Buzzanell. This work shows a young woman who is upset and depressed about the death of her boyfriend, seen through the door with his legs visible in the light. Her anger and depression became so real to the artist that those emotions became infused in the painting.


When this Painting is stared at for too long, it causes the victim(s) to experience immense grief of loved ones, as if they had died. The victim also believes that they died, even when they see their loved ones alive and well. It leads to constant depression and anger at not having been able to do anything for the loved one, eventually leading to the victim committing suicide.


The Warehouse Computer received a ping from an art show near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania about several people committing suicide after being at the art show. By the time agents arrived, however, the art show was already over. Due to several other artifact appearing in rapid succession and the lack of any further activation of this artifact, agents left the area.

What the agents were unaware of was that Douglas Fargo and Holly Marten were in the area at the time of the artifact's activation, and they had bought the artifact from the student, unaware of it's properties. It didn't take long, however, before Holly began feeling immense grief for Fargo. Suspecting that he may have picked up an artifact accidentally, he called Claudia Donovan, who sent Agents Draco and Wilcoxson to gather the artifact. They collected the artifact before Holly died, and with Artie's permission made a replica of the painting for Holly to keep that wouldn't cause harm.

Storage and HandlingEdit

Stored under normal conditions in the Art Gallery.

Neutralizer gloves and goggles are mandatory. If just passing by the area, avoid lingering on the artifact for longer than necessary to prevent accidental activation.

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