Jack Dawson's Art Kit
Jack Dawson's Art Kit.jpg
Scene from film showing Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet using the drawing pad


Unknown, Titanic Sinking/Film


Set of pencils, paints and paper.


Induces desire to enjoy life and a talent for portraits.


Fills room with Arctic water when used.


Contact, Drawing/Painting

Collected by

Felix Draco and Tyler Lepido




Origin[edit | edit source]

Jack Dawson was the name of the fictional character in the 1997 film depicting the sinking of the HMS Titanic. He is portrayed as a poor yet charming stowaway with a talent for art and he perishes after saving Rose, the film protagonist, from the frigid Arctic water.

Though unlikely to have belonged to him, this art set was recovered from one o the lifeboats and displayed artifact qualities consistent with the film portrayal. It floated around America for a while before being snagged in Vegas.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Mere contact with the drawing pad will fill the affected with a desire to enjoy life, living the day as if it were their last. Drinking, partying and other illicit behaviors are common with no thought to the repercussions.

Eventually they will gravitate to art, and will have a desire to paint of draw a picture of their consorts. If the picture is unfinished, the pad will slowly release icy Arctic water into the room, simulating the sinking of the ship it came from.

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