Ivar the Boneless’ Raven Flag
Raven flag


Ivar the Boneless


War Flag


Internal Compression


Osteogenesis Imperfecta


Waving with religious or military conviction

Collected by

Warehouse 9







Date of Collection

March 1526



Ivar the Boneless was a son of legendary Viking warriors Ragnar Lodbrok and Aslaug. In the annals of Viking plunder, Ivar sought to control England and avenge his father. As a cunning trickster leading the Great Heathen Army, rulers submitted or fell. It took 14 years of terrorizing locals and burning monasteries before an alliance drove out his forces.

The title “Boneless” has always been up for debate with scholars. Some think he was a massive yet swift berserker who moved more like a spirit than man. Most believe he suffered from an illness that caused fatigue, possibly even crippling his body. Osteogenesis imperfecta has been thrown around recently, a disorder that causes weakened skeletal structure. Ancient sources point at a curse given to him at birth.


A ball. A serpent. Even a potted plant. The user can alter the stability of their tissue and reform their body into any shape. Blunt force trauma and even gunshots have no effect, as the trauma is equally spread across their whole body for total dissipation. A little crick in the neck when putting their pieces back together is the worst sensation when shifting.

It unfortunately has a negative effect on the skeleton over time. The bones become less calcified and hollower, making breakage easy to sudden shocks. Joints start to crystallize and prevent easy movement. Even tissue becomes covered with a sheen of cartilage, removing any structural integrity protecting the major organs.


Secreted out of territory within eastern Hungary by caravan under auspices of the Ottoman Empire. Was stored with random artifacts until it was misplaced during Warehouse 12’s tenure. As one of the final artifacts found before deactivation, it was loaded aboard the HMS Avalon with a mix of stragglers. Instead, they were intercepted on the Great Lakes and remained missing for a century until the cache was relocated.

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