Isabelle Eberhardt’s Burnous
Burnous cloak


Isabelle Eberhardt


Hooded Cloak


Tailors clothing to specific climate, imbues vast local knowledge


Ignorance of social laws




Out and About List



Born in Switzerland, Isabelle Eberhardt quickly grew interested by writing during father-daughter sojourns to North Africa. She fell in love with a French Legion soldier, converted to Islam and began dressing as a man, wearing a burnous cloak and turban like many locals. The Muslim community accepted her life choices and devotion, impressing the Qadiriyya branch so much they skipped the standard initiation process into religious school. The French instead saw her as an anarchic rebel or a foreign spy and possibly sent an assassin to skewer her to death, which failed. Instead, the colonial government deported her back to France, where she worked as a male dockworker and tried to write anti-colonial pieces for a wary audience.


Alters wearer’s clothing to wardrobe best suited for the local climate and social expectations. Also informs user with vast amounts of ethnic and cultural traditions, allowing them to be easily accepted into any society. They will passionately reject all previous learned rules on behavior, upsetting many people with their sudden and extreme attitudes.

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