Isabel Lyon’s Whist Marker


Isabel Lyon


Whist Marker


Causes good relationships between a worker and employer


Will lead to a hate-filled falling out



Collected by

Warehouse 13


Ovoid Quarantine

Date of Collection

April 24, 1967



Isabel Lyon was Mark Twain's secretary for most of his final years. While in this position, she gained significant influence over Twain's personal and business affairs. She met Twain in the 1890s and often played the card game whist with him. She became his secretary and helped him write his autobiography and take care of his daughters. In thanks, he bought her a house and let her represent him on his behalf. Then, Twain fired her in 1909 for reasons that remain in dispute. Some believe Twain suspected Lyon of using his money, while others say she was causing a split within his family. Whatever the case, they departed on bitter terms, never to meet again.


The marker makes relationships between worker and boss better. They will have a more intimate level of trust and companionship and will allow each other into their personal and financial lives. After long-term use, the benefits start to fade away until they leave each other after a big falling-out.

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