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“Master of Disaster” Irwin Allen had two specialties in the special effects industry: campy 1960s sci-fi television and 1970s disaster movies. His productions included the predictable escapades of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants. All featured recurring artistic/money saving elements, including reused sets, shiny futuristic clothing and unadulterated stock footage.

His big leap to notoriety was on the silver screen, bringing disaster to a whole new scale. "The Poseidon Adventure” enamored audiences with escape from a capsizing cruise ship, while “The Towering Inferno" saw the same situation but in a smoldering highrise. Allen found his niche and stuck to it, but his movies became less successful each release until he was relegated to directing tv movies.


Ever the mischief maker, Allen’s personal View Master contains scenes from several of his productions mixed in with random photographs. Acting like a prototype augmented reality device, the user can extract whatever visions they imagine into real life. All objects can be directly interacted with, although they will feel granular in consistency as it tries emulating the makeup of pixels found in video screens. Any representation of living creatures will be just an inert lump usually, at best a senseless automaton.

The more frequently the slides are switched, the greater frequency disastrous events occur at. Rockslides, firestorms and flooding begin to appear even if the area was absolutely secure before its usage.

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