Iron Jacket’s Mail Armor
Conquistador helmet and hauberk


Iron Jacket


Mail Armor


Generates a constant whirlwind inside the user


Attracts projectiles towards wearer



Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

April 3, 1888



Pohebits-quasho, also known as Iron Jacket, was Chief of the Comanche Indians in the first half of the 19th century. He believed himself able to blow away bullets and other light fire during battle. His customary Spanish armor probably protected him from dangerous raids, as enemies along the Texan border would fire straight at him and cause no harm.

When tensions rose with settlers over territorial disputes, the frontier militias sent men to attack the Comanches and other tribes. One was the merciless Texas Ranger John Salmon “Rip” Ford, who allied himself with rival tribes to defeat Iron Jacket. Eventually, one of Ford’s expeditions killed Iron Jacket in battle with heavier ammunition.


Turns the user’s insides into a constantly swirling wind gust. The equivalent of a living cloud, their internal organs asides from their muscles and skeletal system will dissipate into vapor. No heartbeat or respiration will be required to function normally, although they will occasionally require nutrition.

They will be able to let air currents seep out from under their skin and release powerful blasts from their mouth. Using in conjunction with complex hand or foot motions will allows the user to manipulate small objects from a distance. They can even move heavier freestanding objects such as people and large rocks a noticeable distance. However, it seems to kick up plenty of dust and debris, attracting projectiles in the system towards the wearer. They are also unable to deflect heavy artillery, although lighter ammunition will crumble away into dust before reaching the armor.

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