Ina Coolbrith's Garland of Poppies


Ina Coolbrith's laureate ceremony


Wreath of poppies


User will be able to inspire and aid others


User will face financial hardships and be forced to care for others


Owning in the presence of any written copy of Ina Coolbrith's poetry

Collected by

Early Warehouse 13 Agents



Date of Collection

June 5th, 1930



Ina Coolbrith was the niece of Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saints Movement. After Smith was murdered, her mother took the family to California. Coolbrith proved herself to be a talented poet at a young age. During her years as a writer she is credited with helping inspire many great poets such as Joaquin Miller, who left his daughter with Coolbrith to raise, Jack London when he was a child, and Isadora Duncan.

Due to the failing health of several of her relatives, as well as needing to support herself and Miller's child, she had to work as a librarian, often putting her own passions to the side. Years later in 1915, wearing a black dress as well as a sash adorned with the garland of poppies, Coolbrith was given the title of California Poet Laureate. The title brought no monetary compensation.


The garland is activated by the presence of Coolbrith's poetry in the immediate area. Thus it is suggested to keep any of Coolbrith's work away from it. The owner of the garland will be able to inspire others to create beautiful works of poetry, while at the same time heaping burdens upon the user. The user will find him/herself placed in a string of misfortunes that will involve caring for sick people as well as money problems.


Collected in 1930 when agents sourced a sudden influx of poets coming from a small mining community in California. After tracing the origins, they found that a particular innkeeper was caring for dozens of injured miners along as well as many of her elderly family members. She would read them poetry on their sickbeds. The artifact, which she had inherited through family members and Coolbrith's friend Josephine Clifford McCracken, was found and neutralized inside of an old trunk which contained many of Coolbrith's personal effects. It is reported that the effect was instantaneous and the poor woman was relieved of her burden. The number of accidents in the mining town significantly decreased.

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