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Igor Tverdislavsky "Игорь Tverdislavsky"





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Moscow, RussiaEdit

Born on December 13th, 1758 in the city of Moscow, Igor Tverdislavsky was under the care of his mother Cathrine Tverdislavsky and his carpenter father. His early life was not documented in the database, though his life as a Warehouse agent was. He started work at the Warehouse at the age of 27 and soon became highly valued in his ability to retrieve artifacts. The origin of his first contact with agents was at a party for Catherine the Great. Working in the stables and tending to guests' horses, Igor caught onto a scheme hatched by Thieves to steal the fortunes of the guests and the czar. They used Peter Henlein's Egg to freeze time, leaving the guests motionless and their finery vulnerable. Because of the limited reach of the artifact, Igor remained unaffected. The mysterious stillness of the horses nearest the house alerted him and led him to investigate the insidious plot. While the events were never officially released, it is evident that Igor stopped the thieves and disabled the artifact. These actions are believed to be the cause the the Regents of Warehouse 11 looking into him as a possable agent.

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