Ibn Muljam's Belt
Belt colchis,georgia


Assassination of Ali


Cloth Belt


Conceal swords


Wielder suffers inflicted injuries



Collected by

Warehouse 5







Date of Collection




Abd al-Rahman ibn Muljam al-Murādī was the Khariji assassin of Ali, the first cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. A number of the Khawarij met in Mecca and discussed the 659 Battle of Nahrawan, at which former supporters of Ali had rebelled against him for agreeing to discuss the leadership of the community with Muawiyah. They agreed to assassinate three of the leaders of Islam: ibn Muljam, a Jewish convert to Islam was to kill Ali, al-Hujjaj al-Tamimi was to kill Muawiya I, and Amr ibn Bakr al-Tamimi was to kill 'Amr ibn al-'As. The assassination attempts were to occur simultaneously as the three leaders came to lead morning prayer in their respective cities of Damascus, Fustat and Kufa. The method was to come out of the prayer ranks and strike the targets with a sword dipped in poison.

On January 26, 661, while praying in the Great Mosque of Kufa, Ali was attacked by Abd al-Rahman ibn Muljam. He was wounded by ibn Muljam's poison-coated sword while prostrating during prayer. Intense care and medication for the Caliph Ali was undertaken by Atheer bin Amr As-Sakooni, a leading Persian medic. However Ali ibn Abu Talib passed away succumbing to the head injuries on Jan 28, 661 ad.

As a Qisas, or the punishment in equal measure, Ibn Muljam was personally decapitated three days later by Ali's son. Warehouse collectors were present to collect the artifact.


When worn, the belt allows the wearer to sheathe a sword or other bladed weapon in the fold, completely concealing it from view or any other means of detection. The sword can be removed at any time and freely used. Any harm caused by the wielder to another sentient being will be returned upon the aggressor, in keeping with the Qisas.

Removing the belt will cause any hidden weapons to fall out, negating the retributive effects.

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