Ib Amulet
"The Ib is the heart; the part of your soul weighed by Anubis before its owner can pass to the afterlife."






Changes weight depending on whether the user is being truthful or not


None observed


Holding the artifact

Collected by

Agent Aden Taylor





Date of Collection

Spring 2013


An ancient Egyptian Soul artifact

Origin[edit | edit source]

According to the Ancient Egyptians, the human soul was composed of a multitude of parts. The Ib is the "heart" of soul. Before passing to the afterlife, the heart must be weighed against the Feather of Truth. If it is lighter than or perfectly balanced with the Feather, the person may pass to the afterlife. If it is heavier than the feather, the soul is consumed by Ammit, sentencing the person to a cessation of existence. It is also the possible origin of the phrase "to have a heavy heart." The artifact's "neutral" weight is the same as that of the average human heart.

Effects[edit | edit source]

While the amulet normally weighs nine to eleven ounces, it will grow heavier if the user lies, and lighter if the user tells the truth.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Collected by Aden Taylor while hunting for another artifact that had brought someone back to life. He made contact with the accompanying Ba artifact and accidentally activated it, revealing his almost completely pure soul. He promptly purchased and bagged the whole set.

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