Hypno's Pendulum


Hypno's Lullaby"


Hypnotic pendulum


Gives user the abilities of Hypno. Attracts children.


User will have a fixation on capturing children and keep them.


Holding, swinging

Collected by

Garrett Scott







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

"Hypno's Lullaby" is a creepypasta based on two of Hypno's early game descriptions from "Fire Red" and "Gold":

"It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized." and "When it is very hungry, it puts humans it meets to sleep, then it feasts on their dreams."

In the creepypasta, Hypno lures children away to a dark location, presumably a cave, and keeps them there. This lgend is so popular that it spawned its own song and game mod.

Song[edit | edit source]

"Come little children, come with me. Safe and happy you will be. Away from your homes, now let us run. With Hypno, you'll have so much fun.

Oh, little children, please don't cry. Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly. Be free, be free be free to play. Come down in my cave with me to stay.

Oh, little children, please don't squirm. Those ropes, I know, will hold you firm. Hypno tells you this is true. But sadly, Hypno lied to you.

Oh, little children, you mustn't leave. Your families for you will grieve. Their minds will unravel at the seams. Allowing me to haunt their dreams.

But surely, all of you must know. That it is time for you to go. Oh, little children, you weren't clever. Now you shall stay with me forever."

Effects[edit | edit source]

Hypno's Pendulum gives all the psychic pokemon abilities of Hypno, and also attracts children via hypnosis unduced by the swinging of the pendulum. However, the more the pendulum is utilised, the more fixated on capturing the attracted children the user will become.

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