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Hunter Michael White
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Hunter White




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Cryptography & Immense knowledge of historical topics


Born with ADHD and low-functioning autism, Hunter White was once a student on the brink of failure when he was recruited by the Regents to work as a field agent for the Warehouse. He is currently working as the keeper of The Warehouse Manual and Filing System.

Life Before Warehouse 13

Hunter White was born in Manassas, Virginia on February 1, 1998. In his early life, he always had a natural fascination with antiques and unusual items, often learning as much about their histories as he could, then proceeding to collect them. When he turned 16, his parents made him start taking medications for his overactive brain, which was how managed to retrain minor details about the various objects he came into contact with. When he graduated from high school, he was taken off of his medications, but his overactive tendencies started to act up once again. Thinking that Hunter was still acting up, his parents put him back on the medications, which Hunter was secretly throwing away.  

A few weeks after his graduation, he began looking to the histories of some of the more unique items he had collected over the years, he started to notice inconsistencies in the stories of the items. He also started to notice strange patterns in that wherever, the objects went, trouble followed. Following multiple pings from Hunter's area, agents came and found he had inadvertently collected upwards of 15 artifacts, some of them quite deadly, leaving the agents to wonder how a civilian could survive among so many uncoordinated artifacts. Regents soon came forward, offering him a job working for the Warehouse, noting his unique abilities and aptitude for antiquities. Initially not believing the Regents, Hunter declined the offer, only to change his mind after witnessing an artifact's effects firsthand when on one of his visit to his local antiques store.  

A few days after the Regents initial offer, on June 25, 2019, he decided to clear his mind by going antiquing, one of his favorite hobbies. Within the store, he had found something that puzzled him, a spoon that the owner claimed to have once belonged the Fats Domino, although the owner claimed to have heard it from somewhere else. Hunter wanted to buy the spoon for his collections, but felt he didn't want to admit it. Before he could anything though, agents from the Warehouse asked for the spoon from Hunter, which he complied with, now understanding what the Regents had told him earlier. Hunter then proceeded to tell the Regents he would accept the position. The Regents recovered all of his files and told his family that he had been offered a scholarship from a private college in South Dakota, and to make sure they would never come out to visit, told Hunter's parents that outside visitors were strictly against school policy, and had all of his possessions boxed up and shipped to a new room at Leena's.  

Life as a Warehouse Agent

Hunter was inducted as a Warehouse agent on June 25, 2019, but as a person who had no professional expertise in the supernatural, Hunter was at first assigned to the Warehouse Manual and the Warehouse's old filing system. It took Hunter several months to learn everything he could about the Warehouse, including histories of previous warehouses, the effects of various artifacts, the backstories of most of the agents, etc.

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