Humphrey Bogart's Cigarettes


Humphrey Bogart




Pheromone supplemental


Graduated levels of cynicism. Minor scarring.


Blowing the smoke at somebody

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Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

March 7, 2014



Humphrey Bogart was an American stage and film actor regarded as a cultural icon. His biggest films included The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep and Casablanca. Originally a Broadway star, he turned to the more lucrative film business when the stock market and demand for live shows crashed. Typecasted early on to play gangsters, Bogart was dissatisfied with studio limitations and several unsuccessful, sometimes violent marriages. His transitional break came when drinking buddy and director John Huston cast Bogart for two consecutive leading roles in High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon. Throughout his career, he found a stable marriage with fellow actress Lauren Bacall, appeared in over 75 films, and trademarked his signature persona of an unyielding, uncaring cyncic with a hidden righteous side.

Prior to his performing career, Bogart served in the United States Navy. It was during his time overseas in France he gained his now signature facial scar and lisp. One story credits his injuries to shrapnel fire, while a more anecdotal version explains it as a prisoner holding gone wrong. After transferring trains from Boston, the prisoner asked for a cigarette. While Bogart searched for a match, the prisoner smashed the cuffs into Bogart’s mouth and slipped away. His discharge made no mention of the scars, although co-stars were keen to notice them when they performed roles with him.


When one is lit, smoke from the cigarette turns into pheromones that attract people to the user or the one the smoke is blown at. Depending upon the user’s mental strength, they will experience an equivalent amount of cynicism. They will also experience minors amount of scaring around either their face or hands.

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