Humphrey Bogart's Cigarette Case
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Humphrey Bogart


Cigarette Case


Causes dissociative disorders such as depersonalization disorder





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May 30, 1974


Origin[edit | edit source]

Humphrey DeForest Bogart (1899 - 1957) was an American screen and stage actor whose performances in 1940s films such as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca earned him the status as a cultural icon.

Taking to the stage in 1921 he became a regular in Broadway shows; but after the stock market crashed and plays demand fell, Bogart turned to the silver screen. During his film career of 30 plus years he appeared in more than 75 feature films and was ranked as the greatest male star of Classic American cinema.

When it came to his characters Bogart took what he was presented and went to the writers and director about adding to it. One example was Rick Blaine from Casablanca, where he added the fact that Rick was an avid chess player just like he was to add depth. His co-star and leading woman Ingrid Bergman was known to draw in leading men and have affairs with them. Rick was that type of character, however Bergman wasn't able to get Bogart to have an affair with him. She went as far as offering this statement about kissing Bogart "I kissed him but I never knew him" showing that Bogart and his character became one man during filming.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Possession causes actors to not be able to differentiate between their character and reality. Whether a professional façade versus their everyday self, or a bunch of silly faces to entertain an infant, users become the sum of all their different personas. Particularly bad for people that present vastly different attitudes per activity (work, family, friends, etc) and suddenly act like one messy mass.

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