Hugh Everett's Pen
A Gateway to Everything


Hugh Everett




Can open a portal to any alternate dimension


Potential for Misuse


Drawing or writing with the pen


The Restricted Chamber


Placement #10

Date of Collection



Background Edit

Hugh Everett is the physicist who is credited with inventing the multiverse theory. As a grad student in 1954 at Princeton, he was out drinking with friends when he stumbled upon the idea of there being infinite different worlds that coexist with our own. He later published his PhD on the topic, but received scorn for his ideas which caused him to leave Princeton. The pen absorbed Everett's absolute belief in the multiverse theory.

Collection Edit

The Artifact was collected in 1991 in Princeton, New Jersey. Agents were drawn to the town after a string of impossible events occurred such as a army of Cyborg Nazis appearing, a house getting up and walking away, and sloth teaching at a local elementary school.

Powers Edit

The pen can be used to open a portal to any alternate dimension. The pen allows the user to draw a portal that will act as a two way portal between our reality and the reality that the user is thinking of. If the user is not thinking of a destination, the pen will open a portal to a random dimension. The portal will remain open until the user caps the pen. While the portal is open, it can be used by any being from either dimension, not just the initial user.

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