Hosteen Klah's Needlepoint
Weaving ca.1925
Whirling Log ceremonial pattern


Hosteen Klah


Woven Tapestry


Strengthens alternatives instead of dualities


Confusion, paradox of choice


Cultural activities


Out and About List



Hosteen Klah was a Navajo artist and possibly born as intersex. He became highly adept at chanting and sandpainting, traditionally male arts, but also weaving, usually done by women. Multiple tribes like the Navajo even had a term to describe different gender-sex pairings, Nádleehi. Traditionally oriented members approved of his works, except for the ones which combined sandpainting, ritual dances and other spiritual activities into weavings.


Performing cultural activities such as ethnic dances, folksongs and ceremonies causes the fabric to relax into a single flexible sheet. Twisting and shaking it releases different colored sand each consecutive day. Applying to anything binary alters the results into another possibility. Yes or no questionnaires become more detailed, minor political parties receive major support, ambidexterity becomes normal - absolutes change.

Must not attempt to combine prior options together into a third synthesis of the pair. Confusion will otherwise strike the wielder and cause indecisiveness with the overwhelming array of possibilities.

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