Holly and Oak Wands
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Heat/cold energy manipulation


Will cause a battle to reunite the two wands, can cause the holder to burn or freeze when used in their respective equinox




Aisle of Noel


Effects[edit | edit source]

A bifurcated artifact, they seek dominance over each counterpart. The Holly Wand is able to manipulate ice and cold energy and the Oak Wand can manipulate plants and warm energy. The Holly Wand is perpetually cold year round while the Oak Wand is perpetually warm. Near every winter and summer equinox, the wands find like-minded people (who are always male) and attaches itself to reunite with the other wand and its host.

The bearer of the Holly wand will grow white, tangled hair and beard, dress in warm, richly colored cloaks, and be, overall, very much in appearance Santa Claus. The bearer of the Oak wand will grow antler horns and dress in cool, vibrantly colored clothes, additionally gained a slightly green tint to their skin.

Once the battle between the two wands is finished (with the Holly Wand always winning at the summer solstice and the Oak Wand winning at the winter solstice), the holder reverts back to normal. Trying to use the wand during its reign of dominion causes either instant hypothermia or heatstroke.

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