Hernan Cortez's Espade Ropera
Thus they have an idol that they petition for victory in war; and so for everything in which they seek or desire prosperity, they have their idols, which they honor and serve.


Hernan Cortez


Espada Ropera Sword


Upon inflicting injury, the victim will slowly transmute to gold, starting with the areas surrounding the wound and expanding outwards. Contact with sword makes the person


Constant use will increases the user's greed exponentially per usage.


Touch/Inflicting of wound

Collected by

Consultants Tyler Lepido, Bri Rependata, and Matt Sordens







Date of Collection



1518 AD: Aztec EmpireEdit

Hernan Cortes took eleven boats, 500 men, and a small amount of cannons to the New World in search of the legends that he had hear from the previous adventurers, primarily the vast amount of gold that could be found there. One arrived, he instead wound up slaying most of the Aztecs and other natives in search for the gold.

The personal sword of Cortes, it became a conduit for his passion and greed for gold to the point where even the slightest nick of his blade would make its victim turn into what its master wanted while making the user a more charismatic, yet selfish person.

Today: Madrid, SpainEdit

When bodies of pure gold began showing up in the streets, people began thought that they were statues, but after a while, more statues showed up and eventually upsetting the stock market and when a representative of the government showed up in gold, the Warehouse became involved.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0102 'Reobtain el Oro'Edit
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