Hermaphroditus' Gold Bracelets






Fuses two people into one


Resulting fusion will have the mental and physical characteristics of both


Two people wearing one the bracelets at the same time

Collected by

Warehouse 1 Agent



Date of Collection

336 BC - 323 BC


Origin[edit | edit source]

Hermaphroditus was an ancient Greek mythological figure. Some stories suggest that Hermaphroditus was the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite, while others portray ze (that's the gender neutral expression for he/she) as the fusion of a water nymph and a human. The story goes that a water nymph fell in love with a human man. Upon catching him, she begged the gods to make sure they would always be together. Granting her wish, they fused the two into one person, whom had male and female genitals.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When two people wear one of the bracelets they shall be pulled together by some unearthly force until they slam into one another. A flash of light will appear and standing in place of two bruised people will be one new person, a fusion of the wearers. The new person will be wearing both the bracelets, and will have the combined mental and physical characteristics of both. Not much testing has been done on the bracelets, so it is assumed that the inheritance of traits falls along co-dominant gene inheritance rules. Should the two users be of different genders the resulting fusion will result in a hermaphrodite. To un-fuse the two users, both bracelets must be neutralized. In order to keep the artifacts "happy", they must be kept together.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the collection of this artifact due to aged records. It was one of the artifacts excavated from Warehouse 2.

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