Heracleides' Shield
Heracleides' Shield




 Personal Shield


 Increases popularity


 Devotion that can turn violent



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 Warehouse 13







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Heracleides (400 BCE - 354 BCE) was a Syracusan who was the chief in command of all the mercenary forces under Dionysius II of Syracuse. After it was discovered he was plotting to overthrow Dionysius with the aid of Dionysius' advisor Dion of Syracuse he was exiled only to return later with an army of his own consisting of twenty triremes (boats) and fifteen hundred heavy-armed troops. No blood was needed to be spilled originally as the people favored him, immediately declaring him to be in control of all of the country's naval forces. Heracleides eventually took control of the island citadel of Ortygia controlling the seas around him. When a commander from Greece, Philistus, was ordered to kill Heracleides he amassed a fleet of sixty triremes. Upon arriving at the island instead of overwhelming Heracleides, Philistus found himself evenly matched if not under prepared as people seemed to flock to Heracleides' side. Philistus was defeated and sentenced to death. Heracleides would always lead from the front. With this knowledge Dion managed to get the drop on him and wound him. A massive war broke out between all sides with no real leadership involved just mass hysteria and violence, when the dust settled there were heavy losses on both sides, Heracleides was one of the dead.


Increases possessor's popularity to the point of violence breaking out if the possessor is hurt or killed.


Was removed from Jean-Bédel Bokassa's possession when he was removed to be bronzed. He had knowledge of the artifact and was using it as a way to destroy the country if the people managed to assassinate him.

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