Henry Work's Grandfather Clock


Henry Clay Work, 1876


Grandfather clock


Nostalgia inducement


Causes death if it winds down


Humming "My Grandfather's Clock"

Collected by

Warehouse 12 Agents


Music Corner

Date of Collection

July 17, 1900


Introduction Edit

Henry Clay Work, the writer of "Marching Through Georgia", also wrote the song, "My Grandfather's Clock". This clock is said to be the original inspiration for his song, since it belonged to his Grandfather.

Effects Edit

If someone hums "My Grandfather's Clock", they will have visions of nostalgia, and relive their best memories. The memories in particular involve that person's relatives, and the only way to stop it is if they stop humming the song. If the clock ever stops, then anyone who stands in front of it will die, so it constantly needs to be rewound.

Trivia Edit

  • This artifact was seen on Leena's list in the Warehouse 13 episode "Parks and Rehabilitation".
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