Henry Fuseli's Stole


Johann Heinrich Füssli aka Henry Fuseli


Stole vestment


Induces intense nightmares with the potential to paralyze, kill, or cause mental breaks.




Touch or wearing

Collected by

Oto Barry




((TBA by Elsa))


((TBA by Elsa))

Date of Collection

March 18th, 1981



Born Johann Heinrich Füssli before changing hs name, Henry Fuseli was a Swiss born painter, draughtsman, and writer on art who travelled to Italy and later spent most of his time in Britain. In 1761 he became an ordained minister for the Zwinglian theology. He is known for his use of chiaroscuro, the art of using strong contrasts of light and dark, and bold contrasts, that affect the entire work; and as of 1781, his most notable work is The Nightmare.


When direct contact is made with the stole, the victim will experience vivid hallucinatons of their own personal worst nightmare, typically produced of their phobias, anxieties, and personal flaws. Intensitity of these visions depends on the severity of the fears themselves, as well as how much contact was made. Wearing the stole, as opposed to slight contact, will increase the effects to their strongest force. Victims have been known to fall into a catatonic state of intense horror, experience heart falure, or in some cases severe mental breaks.


This artifact was collected in 1981 by presumedly deceased ex-Agent Oto Barry, now dubbed "PhOto", 3 years after his recorded death. This artifact was in his collection until early 2016.

In March of 2016, this artifact was used to distract Agents during a rescue mission for Agent Garrett Scott. While attempting to escape from the monsters summoned by the "Fright Nights" Fog Machine, Agent Draco was affected by the stole, and saw a vision of Garrett being tortured and willingly shot by "PhOto". This caused him to have a panic attack and fall unconscious, whereupon waking later he was rendered despondent and mute until he saw that Agent Scott was still, in fact alive.

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