Hassan-i-Sabbath's Qama Dagger




Qama Dagger


Allows the user control over his peers, but will carry out orders to the extreme.


Repeated usage will leave the user with the effects of opium and an addiction to constantly use the knife's powers



Collected by

Consultants Tyler Lepido and Bri Rependata







Date of Collection



1090 AD: AlamutEdit

Whenever a new recruit came into the Hashashin, he would be go through a dosage of hashash (opium). He would fall asleep and when he'd awake, he'd find himself in a beautiful garden where he'd be fed wine and fine food by topless women. He'd then get another hashash dose, fall asleep, and wake back up in the room he started. The hashashin would tell him that he could have all of that if he would pledge his aligence to the Hashashin.

While he rarely left his loft, Hassan kept this dagger on him at all times and allowed him control over his men to the point where he could tell them to do a 'leap of faith' (as referenced in Assassin's Creed). This dagger was imbued with the control that the opium instilled in his men.

Today: YaleEdit

During a game of Assassin's Games, a student came into contact with the knife and after realizing the power it held, he used it to control who was 'killed' and who survived. Soon though, the effects came into full effect, causing the college students to take the idea of an 'assination game' into a real battle of assassins. Students were carrying loaded guns into class and assembling make-shift bombs in their dorms.

After a student went on a spree with a pump-action shotgun, the Warehouse was called into action.  While Consultant Tyler Lepido was first on the scene (due to his previous Assassin's Games experience and usage of the NERF Recon Prototype), fellow consultant Bri Rependata showed up to deliver a Sabine sound-pistol to him and aided him.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0104 'Assassin Games'Edit
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