Harry Hurt’s Helmet
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Harry Hurt


Motorcycle Helmet


Mitigates bodily harm caused by crashes


Surrounding drivers will lose spatial awareness


Wearing on a motorcycle/automobile

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

May 23, 2014


Origin[edit | edit source]

Harry Hurt conducted heavy research into motorcycle accidents and safety. His team collected data from thousands of police reports, interviewed hundreds of affected riders and repeated the conditions of every crash. Ironically published in 1981 as the Hurt Report, it detailed 55 separate findings relating to motorcycle crashes. The two most major points were that most automobile drivers either failed to see the oncoming motorcycle involved or ignored the motorist’s lane of space, and that motorcycle helmets significantly decreased the likelihood of receiving brain injury or death.

Effects[edit | edit source]

One of the many helmets sent in by a crash survivor for research, it was imbued with Hurt’s desire to better understand and help motorists. During a crash (motorcycle or automobile), the victim’s body is heavily protected from severe injury. Shrapnel and flames will not penetrate the skin or leave permanent marks, and only scratches and bruises will result. It also causes all nearby drivers to lose sense of their spatial awareness, making them unable to detect oncoming obstacles.

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