Hans Christian Anderson's Sled
Sleigh 30f


Hans Christian Anderson/The Snow Queen/Kai




Creates a film of ice on the ground to enable high speeds


Causes negativity towards others


Sliding on the ground

Collected by

Hans Christian Anderson



Date of Collection

Warehouse 11 era 1725 - 1830



Written by famed fairy tale author and Warehouse 11 agent Hans Christian Anderson, he wrote this into the tale “The Snow Queen”. In it, the Troll Glass affects many of the world’s populace, allowing them to only see the negative aspects of humanity. A boy and girl named Kai and Gerda grow up together when Kai is infected by the troll glass and takes a ride around the town in a borrowed sleigh. Gerda, dubbed the Snow Queen, helps release the fragments from both Kai ‘s heart and eyes, bringing him back to his normal self.

It is unknown if this artifact was born in a similar fashion to the Troll Glass or are of different origins. Either way, Anderson collected both artifacts during his tenure as an agent.


Creates a layer of ice between the scoots and the ground, allowing it to move on any surface at high speeds. Afterwards, it will make the user more hostile and violent to those around them.

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