Handsy Table Saw
Table saw.jpg


Unknown; found in the possession of Adam Weatherby


Table saw


Gives hands a mind of their own.


Hands will act violently of their own accord.



Collected by

Warehouse 13




((TBA by Elsa))


((TBA by Elsa))

Date of Collection

January 25, 2015


​Origin[edit | edit source]

The exact origins of this artifact are unknown, and agents are unsure of which came first; the victim, or the saw.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When someone with hands are near the saw, their hands will gain a "life of their own", moving without the intent of the person. As time goes on, the hands will become progressively more violent, and may even attack the victim themselves. Eventually, the victim(s) will become compelled to separate themselves from their hands using the saw itself. After severing their connection to their host, the hands will be free to move as they please.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Police officers and a detective were called to the scene to investigate the death of Adam Weatherby, who in the past had been charged with assault after several incidents where, according to him, he lost control of his hands. When investigating the crimescene, officers noted that even though Mr. Weatherby had bled out after sawing his wrists, his hands were nowhere to be seen. This caught the attention of Warehouse 13, and Agents were dispatched to check it out. There, they discovered the artifact was the table saw that had been taken in for evidence. After managing to neutralize it, the Agents were able to collected the table saw and bring it back to the Warehouse, but to this day nobody is sure whether or not the hands were stopped after the table was neutralized.

Due to the uncertainty of the saw's true origins, and whether it was the product or cause of Mr. Weatherby's condition, the table was stored in a reinforced glass box in the Urban Legend Sector for safe keeping.

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