Haman's Robe
Hasidic sabbath attire


The Story of Esther




Increases the user's evil by 50%


The user will be at the receiving end of poetic justice.


Wearing the robe

Collected by

Warehouse 9


Origin Circle



Date of Collection

April 7th, 1535


Origin Edit

This robe was worn by Haman, the treacherous adviser to King Xerxes. Haman's enemy was Mordecai. He was a Jew, and he refused to bow to him. This made Haman cross. He then tricked King Xerxes into signing an edict stating that every Jew would be killed. The plan worked for a while, and Haman was getting ready to hang Mordecai on the gallows, when a girl named Esther, who had recently become queen, explained to the king that Haman was trying to exterminate the Jews, herself and Mordecai included. The King was furious, and so he sentenced Haman to be hung on the gallows that was intended to be used to kill Mordecai. This is a famous example of poetic justice found in the Bible.

Effects Edit

The robe, when worn, increases the user's evil by 50 percent every time they try to do bad things. The robe lets the user get away with crimes for a while, but then the suit will cause the user to be found out and punished.

Collection Edit

This robe was found by a man who sold dresses for a living. He found the suit in a set of drawers, and when he tried it on, he got the urge to steal robes from other peddlers that he believed were making more money than him. Eventually, the man was caught and locked in the dungeon, and the suit was stored in the Warehouse.

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