Guy de La Brosse's Garden
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Guy de La Brosse




Constantly grows and integrates new flora


Cutting only increases growth


Always active

Collected by

Warehouse 10





Date of Collection

Summer 1655


Origin[edit | edit source]

Guy de La Brosse was a botanist and physician to King Louis XIII of France, who prescribed him with medicinal herbs grown from Brosse’s own botanical garden. Known as the Jardin de Plantes, it was commissioned as the first botanical garden in Paris.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The whole garden is kept intact and will grow without tending required. The plants range from the mundane temperates such as clover, thistle, peppermint and dandelion to the more tropical flora including aloe, ginseng and coffee plants. It seems that whenever a new type of plant is brought into proximity, it will bloom and release samples of its seeds and pollen into the garden. Within weeks at most, several plants will have grown to different maturities and prepare for the next generation.

Although the environment and animals can damage the plants, they appear to cooperate at some level by creating appropriate space without blocking another’s resources. It will naturally grow, die and rebloom depending on each individual lifecycle; cutting the growth will only cause it to reappear lusher. By burning Edward I of England's Coal, it overloads the plant’s capacity for growth and causes a temporary halt.

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