Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder and Gun
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Guy Fawkes/Gunpowder Plot


Gunpowder and Gun


Will violently explode out of the barrel when fired


Causes great amounts of fire damage to buildings


Firing gunpowder in the gun while in a government controlled area


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Origin[edit | edit source]

Guy Fawkes was the most famous conspirator of the Gunpowder Plot, which intended to assassinate Protestant King James I and replace him with a Catholic ruler. Fawkes was tasked with placing the explosives under Westminster Palace when an anonymous letter led to his discovery and subsequent hanging. November 5 is known as Fawkes Day in England, where his figure is burned in effigy.

It was once in possession of Thomas Adlson, who burned the Palace of Westminster in October 1834. He was later apprehended and bronzed, but the artifact was unlocated.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the gunpowder is placed within the flintlock pistol and fired, it creates a massive, destructive fireball that instantly lights any material on fire. It can only work in areas, buildings, parks and complexes either run or backed by government entities.

For its potentially governmental disruptive capabilities, it has remained on the Warehouse Most Wanted List to this day.

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