Guan Zilan’s Mandolin
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Cover of The Young Companion, 1930


Guan Zilan




Notes travel over surfaces and leave colorful patterns


User will have no identity within their home region



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Origin[edit | edit source]

Guan Zilan was a Chinese painter who introduced the western art style of Fauvism to traditional Chinese subjects. (The movement valued the usage of color and painting techniques in lieu of extreme realism) Zilan moved to Japan to study, becoming a sensation abroad and returned home after World War Two. Her work became more constrained during the Cultural Revolution and slowly forgotten by the public until some of her photographs were discovered in 2007.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Plucking a string will release an odd buzzing noise that seems to meander and curl throughout the air. When it arrives at any surface, the note will momentarily sharpen in pitch and then disappear. The affected object’s surface will suddenly develop a colorful and artistic pattern that amazes viewers. Using repeatedly will cause more of the user’s identity to disappear whenever they enter their home city, province or nation.

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