Graham Young’s Teapot
Graham Young’s Teapot


Graham Young The Teacup Poisoner




Liquids poured from Teapot becomes poisonous




Pouring any liquid into it

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Warehouse 13 Agents







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Graham Frederick Young (1947 - 1990) was an English serial killer who used poison to kill his victim earning him the nickname "The Teacup Poisoner" by the media. He was hospitalized after poisoning his entire family and killing his stepmother. After being released in 1971 Young went on to poison at least seventy more people, two of which died. In 1961 he started testing various poisons on his family creating concoctions that would have various effects like vomiting, diarrhea and excruciating stomach pains. After creating a poison that was basically as poisonous as Nightshade he gave it to his sister and stepmother, both got sick and the later passed away. At the time it was considered accidental as there was no evidence going back to Young. Regardless of this his family sent him to the Hospital where he was diagnosed with a personality disorder and schizophrenia.

After release Young went to work as a quartermaster at John Hadland Laboratories. Soon after he started working there his foreman grew ill and died after which it was revealed that Young was making the tea for the men on site. A sickness swept through the workplace and was mistaken for a flu. Testing his poisons on his co-workers Young kept a low profile by making sure the levels were never too high to cause death however one of his co-workers had a fatal allergic reaction to the poison and died. At this point an investigation was necessary and when they discovered Young's past hospitalization his house was raided and his journal was discovered with detailed notes of the poisoning among his co-workers. Though pleading not guilty Young was found guilty for three counts of murder and was sentenced to life in prison where he eventually died from a 'heart attack'.


Liquids poured from Teapot becomes poisonous

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