Golden Egg






When placed around chickens, the farmer suddenly gets a good haul of quality eggs.


Problem is that after awhile the chickens go insane and kill each other.


Placing the egg near, or in, the pen of the chickens.

Collected by

Mr. Stall and Myka Bering







Date of Collection




It is believed that the egg was made a long time ago as a symbol to help farmers get more product out of their livestock. It worked, until its side effects happened, then it went missing.


Myka and Mr. Stall were sent to a farm in Iowa that reported that all its chickens had died. They both worried that it was an artifact that caused diseases, which would then lead to another avian flu outbreak, but luckily they were told that all the chickens basically turned on one another. They were trying to figure out what caused it when it happened again on another farm. Thinking that someone from a rival farm in the area was the one causing the problem, they managed to get the local law enforcement to help them stake out the rest of the farms as best as they could. Mr. Stall and a trooper happened to see someone sneak onto the farm they were watching, and after sending the trooper to follow the person, Mr. Stall found the artifact stashed in the coop where the chickens lived. Myka and Mr. Stall were puzzling over why a person would cause a person's chickens to go mad when the trooper came back stating they caught the license plate of the vehicle the person drove off in. After being able to let the local police know it won't happen again, they tracked down the vehicle to a farm where they first thought it was the owner of the farm who did it, when it was in fact his nephew who was the one using the egg. They found out that the nephew found the egg and bought it as a joke, but then all their chickens died a few days later. Realize what the egg could do, he decided to use it on other farmers so his uncle could gain more profit after he replaced his chickens. He also hoped to keep on using it against the other farms so they would eventually give up on raising chickens. The agents reported him to the police, and took the egg back to the Warehouse where they shelved it in a neat nest made by Leena.

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