Golden Easter Egg


2014 Martinville Easter Egg Hunt


Golden Plastic Easter Egg


Hides itself and then grants one wish to the one who finds it


If not found by the end of Easter, it will release a large cloud of smoke that reeks of rotten eggs


Activates itself on Easter Sunday every year

Collected by

Myka Bering and Pete Latimer


Holiday Section





Date of Collection

April 21st, 2014



The practice of decorating eggs goes back through history and into many cultures. The shared symbolism of eggs as a symbol of new life and hope has been incorporated into Christian faith as a symbol of Jesus Christ's resurrection and new life.

It is also a popular fairy tale that a large rabbit, called the Easter Bunny, comes out each year to hide eggs and gift baskets for children to find. Large egg-hunts may be organized as community events. Those that find the Golden Easter Eggs are often declared the winners of the hunt.


This plastic golden Easter Egg will activate itself every Easter morning. It will cleverly hide itself, with the only hint to its whereabouts being a tiny chime sound it makes every minute or so. If found before Easter ends, it will grant the finder one wish. If not found before the day is through, it will let out a noxious stink cloud that will leave the surrounding area smelling of rotten eggs for days. The wishes made upon the egg can be deactivated, but only if the egg is neutralized within 24 hours of the wish.


Pete and Myka were called to the scene of an Easter Egg hunt where a strange meteorological event was taking place. Starburst flavored jellybeans rained from the sky! After some brief interrogation of witnesses, and some shameless gorging from Pete, Myka discovered that the winner of the hunt was a six year old girl, holding the golden egg near the scene. The suspect was glad to give up the egg in exchange for a face-to-face video chat via the Farnsworth with the "actual" Easter bunny, i.e. Artie using Harriet Tubman's thimble.

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