God Tier Outfit
Agent Taylor wearing his default GT outfit.


Winning a game against the Skaian Chess Set


Allows user to manipulate an Aspect of Reality in a certain way


Power may be too much to control and process.


Wearing complete outfit

Collected by

Mary Melinoe

Date of Collection

Varies on suit



There are twelve (or fourteen-most of the final two types, upon completing their sessions, immediately lock them away in a safe-deposit box.) styles of outfit, as well as twelve colors and symbols symbolizing the Aspect of Reality they control. The design symbolizes Class, which defines how the Aspect is manipulated.


Along with a God Tier clock and a Stitchpunk that runs on sympathetic magic, the outfit is the reward for completing a game of Skaian Chess.


The outfits typically stay with their proper owners. However, if the abilities granted by them are abused, Mary Melinoe will arrive to take the outfit away.


The abilities of each outfit varies among the color and design of the outfit. But the most active or offensive (reality-warping level) is the Lord design, while the most passive or defensive design is the Muse design.

Wearing one that is not your own may result in immense amounts of pain and uncontrollable power bursts.

Known OwnersEdit

  • Aden Taylor - Rogue of Space
  • Juan Miguel - Mage of Time
  • Mary Melinoe - Witch of Void
  • (many others)


  • God Tier is a key function of Homestuck, and many fans have taken to cosplaying or taking a test to find out their own.

GT Weaknesses and DownsidesEdit

  • Jack's Regisword - Completely neutralizes any and all GT abilities and powers.
  • Neutralizer - While small amounts won't greatly weaken a GT, high-grade Neutralizer can dull and limit abilities.
  • Mental instability - All GTs are not the most mentally stable, ranging from traumas and phobias, to Dissasociative Identity Disorder and full-on PTSD.
  • King's Scepter and Queen's Ring - All GTs are subject to the will of whomever is using these artifacts. There are no exceptions.
  • Possession of a God Tier's Pocket Watch, a physical manifestation of their link to the Skaian Chess Set, is significant enough to render them powerless against the holder and cuse them lasting discomfort. Destruction of the watch can be fatal.


  • A god tier can sometimes summon the outfit if they desire, but can also choose to wear what's called the "Street Tier" version, which is a more normal-looking version of the outfit, along with "Coat Tier", which involves long flowing coats primarily for dramatic appearances that involve/invoke the "Badass longcoat" trope.
    • However, most prefer to wear just their usual everyday clothes in preference to the outfit.
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