Glenn Beck's Chalkboard


Glenn Beck




When one writes on it, the words suddenly change to the writer's political views.


The user suddenly starts to become more vocal about their political views, and those around them are compelled to listen.


Writing on the chalkboard.

Collected by

Mr. Kipling & Myka Bering






End of the Aisle.

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

In January 2006, CNN's Headline News announced that Beck would host a nightly news-commentary show in their new prime-time block Headline Prime. The show, simply called Glenn Beck, aired weeknights. CNN Headline News described the show as "an unconventional look at the news of the day featuring his often amusing perspective". At the end of his tenure at CNN-HLN, Beck had the second largest audience behind Nancy Grace. In 2008, Beck won the Marconi Radio Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year.

In October 2008, it was announced that Beck would join the Fox News Channel, leaving CNN Headline News. After moving to the Fox News Channel, Beck hosted Glenn Beck, beginning in January 2009, as well as a weekend version. One of his first guests was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin He also has a regular segment every Friday on the Fox News Channel program The O'Reilly Factor titled "At Your Beck and Call". As of September 2009 Beck's program drew more viewers than all three of the competing time-slot shows combined on CNN, MSNBC and HLN.

His show's high ratings did not come without controversy. The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reported that Beck's use of "distorted or inflammatory rhetoric" had complicated the channel's and their journalists' efforts to neutralize White House criticism that Fox is not really a news organization. Television analyst Andrew Tyndall echoed these sentiments, saying that Beck's incendiary style had created "a real crossroads for Fox News", stating "they're right on the cusp of losing their image as a news organization."

Today[edit | edit source]

The chalkboard was one of the few Glenn had used throughout his time on television, and was given away when the company gave him a new one. It was placed in a storage locker for quite some time until after some people went through it, they decided to give it away. The new owner tried using it, but the artifact activated, changing their words to reflect their political ideals, and started to infect the user and people around them. Luckily Mr. Stall and Myka Bering were able to locate and grab the artifact. As they tried to shelve it in the Council Chamber, a lot of the artifacts did not like having it around; so they stuck it at the end of the isle, chained to the floor to keep it from moving with a sign on it that says: Do Not Write on this Chalkboard.

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