Glass Shards from Kristallnacht
Glass broken window


Kristallnacht "The Night of Broken Glass


Glass Shards


When tossed, the glass acts like a grenade and explodes with a array of sharp glass shrapnel.





Collected by

Arthur Nielsen


Seti 392Q





Date of Collection

Apr 15th, 1987



The shards were originally from the window of a bakery in Berlin, owned by a Jewish family during the 1930s. It was apart of a porgrom that took place throughout Nazi Germany against the Jewish people, which was called Kristallnacht, or "Night of Broken Glass". The glass absorbed the hatred and forcefulness of the Nazis and became imbued with explosive attributes. There still exists a pane of glass from the original window of the bakery, which pieces of glass can be farmed from.

Printed on the glass says: "Die Meninsky Familie Bäckerei" in big bold print.


When the glass is thrown it acts like a grenade and explodes into pieces of shrapnel. The pieces from the glass can be graphed and installed into actual grenades, giving them a artifact boosted effect of shrapnel. A whole palmed sized piece can have a devastating effect, leaving the area sometimes riddled with holes.


The original glass pane was collected by Arthur Wiesfelt before becoming a agent of Warehouse 13 and was traded to the Soviet Union for political prisoners. The pane was collected from a weapons dealer in Austria as it made its way from Soviet hands into the hands of Roman Glovenik, the rare weapons dealer, sold to him by the Russian government for a hefty price.

After shutting down a demonstration by Glovenik, Agent Artie Nielsen and his partner James collected this artifact, along with a few others. It was discovered however, the Soviets shaved off pieces of the glass to keep for themselves. These pieces are still out in the world.

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