Gladys Philbison


Gladys Philbison






Field Agent

Previous Occupation

Military Nurse

Area of Expertise

Medical Knowledge, Excellent Observational Skills


Gladys Philbison (Feburary 21st, 1896 - September 23rd, 1955) was hired on January 1st, 1925 at the age of 29 yrs and the agents employment ended on September 23rd, 1955 with her death from: The Activation of an Artifact/Insanity.

Before The WarehouseEdit

Gladys Philbison was born on Feb 21st, 1896 in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Not much is know about her life before the Warehouse but she had served as a nurse during the First World War on the home front.

She was hired on January 1st, 1925.

Life as a AgentEdit

Gladys Philbison attended 89 documented retrievals and logged 125 hours into Warehouse 13's census retrieval manifest. (See CR Manifest)

Gladys always was a reclusive and anti-socal person during her life as an agent, often doing missions by herself and spending alot of her time doing paperwork.

Philbison died on September 23rd, 1955 when she when the time lock inside the Bedlam vault activated too early and she was trapped inside, where she succumbed to the surrounding effects of the Bedlam Walls and was buried in Featherhead, South Dakoda.


  • From the incident, an investigation was started to find out why the time lock activated 5 minutes too early. No one was found to have tampered with the time lock but it was removed to prevent further incidents.
  • Was able to disarm a bomb planted by followers of the Nazi party in Germany in Carnegie Hall trying to send a message to the American people through force and terrorism. Gladys was able to use Vivian Dering Majendie's Twine Fuse to disable the bomb and save the lives of hundreds.

Artifact CollectionEdit

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