Giovanni De Ventura's Beak Mask
Giovanni De Ventura's Beak Mask


Bubonic "Black" Plague


Medical Beak Mask


Nulls effects of any kind of sickness. Touching someone with mask allows person to absorb sickness and deformities


Touching someone gives them the sickness and or deformities that they absorbed.


Wearing the Mask, then touching someone.

Collected by

Nick Renson







Date of Collection



Pavia, ItalyEdit

This artifact was worn by the italilan plague doctor, Giovanni de Ventura. This artifact was recovered by Warehouse 8 regents after collecting the Orchid. He treated many patients under that mask and then after time it absorbed the pain and suffering the Black Plague had brought apon the people of Pavia. After that, the mask went around Pavia for the next 400 years, popping in and out until it finally resurfaced in 1855 in China. Warehouse 12 Agents at the time could not pin point the exact origin and could not find it. After that, it was lost for a long time.

Berlin, GermanyEdit

Nick Renson and Steve Jinks went to Berlin to investigate, what seemed to be an uprising of cancer patents. But in reality, it was an artifact that was the cause. A person named Pieter Steil was using the artifact to heal his Girlfriend of cancer but was accidently giving cancer to everyone he came in contact with. Collected by Nick and Steve, Now housed in the warehouse.


When the mask is worn the eye googles glow and a black mist is seen eminating from the mask. When a person is healed, the masks mist turns red and stops, signflying that the illness is removed and stored in the mask until the activator touches someone else. When active the user smells what seem to be flowers.

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