Giovanni Bragolin's Original "Crying Boy" and "Crying Girl"
The Crying Boy and Crying Girl


Giovanni Bragolin




Cry at nighttime


Will burn down the building if separated


Always active

Collected by

Warehouse 13




Origin[edit | edit source]

Giovanni Bragolin (real name: Bruno Amadio) was a Spanish painter of no real succes. He was often told his paintings lacked 'spirit'. He wanted to draw more lifelike paintings, but nobody would model for Bragolin. That's why he took several children (in pairs of two: 1 boy, 1 girl) from local orphanages and kept them 'hostage' for their value as painting-models. After a child would die , he would just 'get a new one'. He could cremate the dead children in his backyard.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The paintings have an unnatural realness to them; people often swear to hear them cry at night. When a boy is without its sister painting ('Crying girl') it will burn down the building, leaving the painting intact.

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