Gertrude Jekyll's Paintbox
"There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight."


Gertrude Jekyll


Paintbox and watercolor artist supplies


Causes vivid colored plants to bloom


May deteriorate eyesight.


Painting landscapes

Collected by

Steve Jinx







Date of Collection

November 28th, 2017


Origin[edit | edit source]

Gertrude Jekyll was a British garden designer, horticulturalist, watercolor artist, and writer. She was known for creating vivid and colorful landscapes within her paintings as well as in real gardens around the world. She was able to plan out the design of the garden in order to maximize color during the designing process. In spite of, or perhaps because of, her weak eyesight she became a talented expressionistic watercolor painter. Her younger brother was a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson whom used the family name Jekyll as the main character in his story "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the supplies from the paintbox are used they will infuse the artist with a desire to create beautiful garden landscapes bursting with color. As soon as the paint is dry the surrounding area will fill with the plants in the painting. Using the materials may deteriorate the user's eyesight, leaving the extremely nearsighted and only able to discern far away colors and shapes.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Collected from the home an artist in Portland, Oregon. The Warehouse was alerted to the artifact when a local newspaper ran an article about a gorgeous garden blooming overnight in a local painter's backyard despite the approach of winter. The artist not only had no knowledge of how the plants got there, but had seemingly become nearsighted overnight.

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