Gerald C. Demall


Gerald Cooper Demall






Field Agent

Previous Occupation

United States Department of Ware, Interrogator

Area of Expertise

Cold Reading, Interrogation, Linguistics


Gerald C. Demall (October 15th, 1896 - December 24th, 1951) was hired on June 2nd, 1931 at the age of 35 yrs and the agents employment ended on December 24th, 1951 with his death from: The Activation of an Artifact.

Before The WarehouseEdit

Born in Durham, North Carolina on October 15th, 1896 to a family of 10 brothers and sisters, 1 mother and 1 father. Demall was the son of Selma Demall and Nathaniel Demall, both retired traveling fortune tellers who had even taught their son the art of cold reading.

Demall also attended The Great War (World War I) on the Western Front and survived his ordeals. However, during fighting, Demall suffered minor hearing loss from gunfire, which effected the hearing in his left ear ever since. After his 25th birthday, Demall moved to Washington, D.C. and attended Georgetown University to attend the School of Foreign Service, eventually landing a job back in the army in 1928 as a Russian Interpreter for the United States Department of War. His skills in Cold Reading and interrogation impressed the Army Chief of Staff, General Charles Pelot Summerall and offered him a job as the War Departments Chief Interrogator for about 2 years until he started to become overseer to the interrogation operations.

By 1931, Demall had conducted 104 successful interrogations, which caught the eye of the Regents and on June 1st, 1931, Mrs. Fredrick had gave Mr. Demall a invitation to apply for the job of a lifetime.

By June 2nd, 1931, Demall accepted.

Life as a AgentEdit

Gerald Cooper Demall attended 234 documented retrievals and logged 1246 hours into Warehouse 13's census retrieval manifest.

(See CR Manifest)

Due to his previous occupation, he used his talent of cold reading to squeeze information out of people nonchalantly, making him a valuable asset as a Warehouse 13 agent, spanning 20 years of work to the Warehouse.

Demall died on December 24th, 1951 from the collection of Mike Fink's Rifle and its activation. (See Case file: 9329489A)

His funeral and burial was held in Durham, North Carolina at his families cemetery.


  • A whole aisle inside the Warehouse was named after him Demall-3929FJ.

Artifact CollectionEdit

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