George Washington's Pewter Ice Cream Pots


George Washington


Pewter Pots With Lids


Creates user's favorite flavors of ice cream


Must be kept cold or ice cream will be melted


Removing the lids

Collected by

Steve Jinks



Date of Collection

June 27th, 2015



George Washington, the first American President, apparently had a great fondness for ice cream. Records have been found that during the summer of 1790 he paid over 200 dollars for ice cream. In 2015 that would be the equivalent of about $2742! Whether or not he consumed all of the purchased ice cream is up for debate. When his home in Mount Vernon was searched by historians they found two pewter ice cream pots. This, in conjunction with the notes about his congenitally bad teeth, may be the reason why George Washington was rumored to have such ugly looking teeth: he had a sweet tooth!


When the lids are opened the pots will produce several scoops of the user's favorite flavor of ice cream. If the user is craving several different flavors the pot will produce scoops of varying flavors. The pots must be kept at freezing temperature or the ice cream that is produced will be melted. To prevent this they are stored in the freezer chest found in the Food section.


Steve collected the pots from a party clown named Squeakers the clown in Sneakers. One of his tricks was using the bowls to make ice cream. He would ask a volunteer their favorite flavor of ice cream and have them open the pot, giving them a spoonful to test the taste. He would close the pot and offer the pot to another audience member. To their delight the old ice cream had been replaced with a new flavor.

It turned out that Squeakers was a would-be assassin, attempting to kill several heads of state at the birthday party of the child of an American senator. Along with the pots, he had several more dangerous artifacts that he intended to use to kill the entire crowd.

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