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George Stokes’ Fluorite


George Stokes




Light Manipulation


Stops physical interaction with light


Looking through at a light


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A physicist and mathematician who served his entire career as a mathematics professor at Cambridge University, also serving as Secretary and later President of the Royal Society. His most seminal work was in fluid dynamics, where he measured the terminal velocity of a sphere moving in fluid to determine its viscosity, today known as Stokes Law. However, his research into the properties of light may have been even more important.

He published significant material into the understandings of glowing fluorescent materials like fluorite and uranium, pushed forwards the idea light striking an object at different angles could create anomalous effects like double refraction and even improved previous equations that tried to explain the mechanics of rainbows. Large portions of his work were never published or used in lectures, such as his research into the basics of electromagnetic radiation interacting with matter and solar chemistry.


Looking through it into a light source will cause that source to begin acting erratically. Many times they will oscillate between intensity, frequency and magnitude. Other times they will split apart into multiple sources, cause nearby objects to mysteriously glow, crystallize into a solidified block of light particles or seemingly even melt into the ground and increase the available energy in that area. However, it is noted to not just remove all visual perception of sight afterwards, but prevent the body from interacting with photons. The user will become unable to experience non-thermal heat, lack the ability to create certain vitamins from sunlight and not even be physically measurable by visual devices.