George Romero's Director's Chair


George Romero, 1968


Director's Chair


Dreaming of zombie apocalypses


Kinemortophobia Inducement


Sitting in the chair.

Collected by

Warehouse 13 agents


Film & Theater Wing

Date of Collection

June 13, 1983


Introduction Edit

George Romero was the famed director of Night of the Living Dead. The movie was the first movie to depict Zombies eating brains, and paved the way for modern zombie apocalypse films for years to come. Others would later produce films of the same genre, much to Romero's annoyance on account of his flippant, unwavering belief that he should be the only one allowed to produce such films.

Effects Edit

When the user sits down in the chair, the user will enter a state where they dream of a zombie apocalypse invading their home. The user will then develop a temporary state of Kinemortophobia (fear of zombies).

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