George Formby Sr’s Penny Dreadful
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George Formby, Sr.


Vaudeville Performance Pamphlet


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George Formby Sr was born into destitution in northwest England. Ignored during his childhood, Formby was forced to pander for coinage, developing lifelong asthmatic problems due to exposure. He began to experiment and craft his very own stage personas, complete with costumes, songs and comical sketches.

Known for wearing oversized trousers, mismatched boots, shabby bowler hats and cane, Formby performed as a colorful bum. He would enter his own act late, apologize for his northern Wigan accent and deliver enjoyable jokes to audiences, all to deadpan delivery and constant coughing. Some of these aspects were famously employed in the Tramp caricature of Charlie Chaplin’s silent films

Formby himself starred mostly in theatres during his rise to prominence, although his poor health limited his later performances and prevented him from enlisting in World War I. Born with poor sight and given weak lungs worsened by tuberculosis, the 1918 influenza epidemic severely impacted him. He constantly required after show medical care until he collapsed on stage and succumbed to tuberculosis. His son George later reused his career and acting style to ascend to great popularity.


Reading from this cheap mass-printed pamphlet allows the user to create joyful songs and skits from everyday occurrences, no matter how ordinary. They will make sure to deliver it in a unique fashion, whether it is spontaneously during work or as a surprise for their friends and self. However, it also severely weakens the user’s immune system, making them extremely susceptible to moderate amounts of pollution, allergens and temperature changes.

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